Nearby Attractions

With close proximity to the most renowned attractions in Hong Kong, Tai O Heritage Hotel is in no doubt the ideal enclave for leisure travellers.

Tung Chung

Diversity is the hallmark of this new town. Located on the northwestern coast of Lantau Island in Hong Kong, Tung Chung is an ideal place to enjoy shopping, dining, entertainment and leisure, all in one trip. Indulge yourself at the factory outlet with famous international brands at discounted prices. It's just a 50-minute bus ride away from the Tai O Heritage Hotel.

Chek Lap Kok

Running the world's third busiest international passenger airport, the Hong Kong International Airport is providing comfortable and convenient transport service to more than 50 million passengers every year, and it never rests in its efforts to provide a better airport experience to customers. Pamper yourself at SkyMart or SkyPlaza for luxury shopping and international gourmet choices right before or after your flight.

Po Lin Monastery

Climb around 200 steps and you will be greeted by the magnificent Giant Buddha, along with the picturesque panorama of Lantau\'s mountain scenery. There\'s more to delve into at the monastery, including the tea garden, vegetarian dining hall and Wisdom Path. Here you will find a serene and solemn place that purifies your soul.


Let fantasy dance in the breeze. Start your magical adventure and meet the Disney characters in this wonderland full of parades and shows.

Pui O

Come see another face of Hong Kong. Lovers of greenery, wild water buffaloes, natural habitats, long sandy beaches and marshlands. Star-gazing and religious culture will definitely be amazed by this idyllic village. Spare some time and complete your journey with a breath of fresh air in this countryside destination.

Lantau Tong Fuk Beach

The glittering sandy beach and tranquil sea capture the eye as the fine Lantau view carves the horizon into a scene of timeless beauty. Travellers can collect shellfish like hoes, cockles, crabs, horseshoe crabs, gastropods, and more as they enjoy miles of white-powdered sand and clear blue warm waters.

Mui Wo

When it comes to the greatest place to take photos in Mui Wo, the magnificent Silver Mine Waterfall would undoubtedly top the list. Lovers of culture would find their appetite satisfied as well with the array of historical heritage scenic spots nestled here, like the Five Cents Bridge, the Yuen\'s Tower, the Lee\'s Fief Boundary, Man Mo Temple and Hung Shing Temple. Don\'t miss any of them!

Cheung Sha Beach

Proud to be one of Hong Kong\'s longest beaches, Cheung Sha beach is renowned for its fine and silty sand, and the surprisingly peaceful atmosphere with fantastic views. Grab a drink at one of the popular restaurants above the high tide line, and find a nice place to chill out and wind down from your hectic city life.

Ngong Ping 360

Take the 25-minute cable car journey to savour the panoramic view of the blue and green Lantau North Country Park and pay a visit to the culturally themed Chinese-style village, that features traditional Chinese architectural designs, various shopping and dining outlets as well as educational excursions.

Tian Tan Buddha

The 34-meter high Tian Tan Buddha is the world\'s largest, seated outdoor bronze Buddha statue, located at Ngong Ping, Lantau Island. Near the Po Lin Monastery, the statue is a marriage of religious culture and sculpture, symbolising the harmonious relationship between man and nature, people and religion. It is a major centre of Buddhism in Hong Kong.