Aside from accommodation and food and beverage services, the hotel opens to the public for free visits from 11am – 6pm and 2 guided tours are conducted from Monday to Friday (except public holidays). The hotel also hosts Open House annually to welcome the public to this old historic architecture and introduce them to all the folk legends and tall stories behind the Old Tai O Police Station.

Free Guided Hotel Tour
The local history and cultural heritage of Tai O live on in this colonial edifice built in 1902. In the complimentary 20-minute guided hotel tour, our staff will lead you on a sensory trip to the past. Begin with a short video telling the stories of the Old Tai O Police Station, followed by a visit to the former Inspectors' Quarters, Guard Tower and the new rooftop restaurant and Heritage Interpretation Centre. Each guest can learn about the original use of the rooms and explore the history of marine guards and the tranquil fishing village.

Tour Time : Monday to Friday 15:00 and 16:00
Tour Duration : 20 minutes

***Currently suspended until further notice***