Community Involvement


Operating as a non-profit-making social enterprise by Hong Kong Heritage Conservation Foundation (HKHCF), Tai O Heritage Hotel commits to promoting heritage conservation, eco-tourism, green living community engagement, and to achieve synergy with other local partners on Lantau Island. Since its opening, the hotel has welcomed guests and visitors through regular community activities.



Our Community Involvement

Chinese New Year Event with the Community

In celebration of the Year of the Ox, Hospitality Young Leaders of Hong Kong Heritage Conservation Foundation have joined hands with Tai O Heritage Hotel and Tai O Rural Committee representatives to spread festive joy and blessing to the Tai O community. The senior citizens enjoyed a great lion dance performance by the Buddhist Fat Ho Memorial College team. Meanwhile, the young leaders had lots of fun writing fai chuns and making handicrafts using red packets with the kindergarten pupils. More than 100 gift packs were distributed to the elderly and children.

Spreading Festive Joy and Love with the Community

This Christmas, Tai O Heritage Hotel’s Hospitality Young Leaders and colleagues joined hands with the Tai O Rural Committee, the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society (Tai O) and Christian and Missionary Alliance Tai O Kindergarten in visiting 100 elderly villagers and children in Tai O, presenting gifts to spread joy and celebrate the festive season with the community.

Cleaning Up Tai O Shores with the Community

Hospitality Young Leaders joined hands with community partner Eco Marine and some 20 Tai O residents to clean up Tai O shores, helping to preserve the rich marine resources and beautiful scenery of Tai O.

Long-term employment and training opportunities for Tai O and Lantau inhabitants and youngsters

The hotel has collaborated with the Government to promote recruitment and training opportunities for the youth in Tai O, Tung Chung, and remote areas of Lantau. Currently, over half of the working staff at the hotel are residents on Lantau Island or in Tai O village. Some are employed as docent guides for eco and cultural experience tours.

Free Telemedicine Services

Tai O Heritage Hotel has stepped up community support with the launch of Community Telemedicine Services in collaboration with the Hong Kong Association for Integration of Chinese-Western Medicine, the Tai O Rural Committee, the YWCA Tai O Community Work Office and the Hong Kong Family Welfare. The complimentary, tailored services entail diagnoses by a panel of qualified Chinese medical practitioners and customised herbal decoctions for a three-day regimen delivered by Tai O Heritage Hotel staff and volunteers.

Tai O Stilt Houses Restoration Program

HKHCF initiated “Tai O Stilt Houses Rehabilitation Programme” in 2018. The programme aims to repair and restore Tai O stilt houses where needed, especially for the elderly villagers, so as to conserve the intangible cultural value of the village. The project has seen 6 stilt houses restored since 2018.

Hospitality Young Leaders Programme

HKHCF furthers its efforts in supporting sustainable tourism and nurturing future leaders with the launch of the Hospitality Young Leaders Programme. This comprehensive programme spans six months and aspires young leaders to learn practical and professional skills about hospitality and conservation. It also fosters understanding in our unique Hong Kong history and culture and positive contribution to our society and community.

Tai O Villagers' Family Photography Service

In partnership with YWCA Tai O and Family Welfare Society Tai O, Tai O Villagers’ Family Photography Service offered elderlies and villages a retake of wedding photos and family photos at the hotel. The villagers shared touching and memorable moments and community stories during their photo sessions.

Cultural Mural Painting in Tai O

HKHCF, Tai O Rural Committee and Tai O Fei Mao Li have teamed up to create cultural attractions in the Tai O community with 3D mural paintings that showcase natural ecology, people stories and history of Tai O.

Festive Seasons Celebration with Tai O Community

Each year, the hotel invites more than 200 children and elderly members from the Tai O and Lantau community to celebrate festive seasons together.

Celebrating Traditions with the Tai O Community

The hotel also organises and participates in a number of Tai O traditional festivities every year, including the Tai O Dragon Boat Water Parade, which has been classified as an ‘intangible cultural heritage’, and the Tai O Water Marriage Parade.

Sharing Musical Joy with the Community

HKHCF launched ‘Tai O Community Music Programme’ in 2019 in collaboration with YWCA Tai O, local students and elderly to compose a new edition of the indigenous song (鹹水歌) that is inspired by traditional child’s games in Tai O. A music video was produced for the new song.

Annual Open House

To raise public awareness on the importance of conserving heritage buildings, Annual Open House events are conducted for the public and charity groups at the hotel. Each year, the event receives over 2,000 local and international visitors and conducts more than 200 docent tours.