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A Cultural Glamour

Time marches ever on, but the unique Tai O fishing village retains Hong Kong's indigenous heritage, combining native rural charm with a contemporary twist. Harbouring distinctive traditions such as the Dragon Boat Deities' Parade and rich geographic wealth like the waterways flowing between its stilt houses, it's no wonder Tai O is widely hailed as "the Venice of the Orient".

Now the village will again dazzle the world, with its rising icon - the Tai O Heritage Hotel, a colonial edifice built under British colonial rule in 1902 as a police station to guard the shore against bandits. Nestling on a secluded headland abutting Shek Tsai Po Street in the west of the village, the Hotel enjoys a spectacular view of the South China Sea and the tranquil Tai O fishing village. With its refined colonial-style façade and chic interior, the Tai O Heritage Hotel defines perfection in the fruition of time.

Revel in the comfort of the nine uniquely appointed rooms. Reminisce about the police force protecting the fishing village below as you look out from the glass-roofed open view restaurant and indulge in an unparalleled dining experience prepared by our chefs. Travel back in time in the Heritage Interpretation Centre to uncover the wonders of the historical Tai O. Tai O Heritage Hotel does not merely accommodate its valued guests, but weaves for them a cherished Tai O experience.

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    • History of the Hotel
      History of the Hotel
      It all traces back to 1902, when a permanent police station was built on the small hill next to Tai O Ferry Pier, to reinforce the police forces on Lantau Island. As one of the earliest police...
    • Architecture
      The Tai O Heritage Hotel, a colonial style parlour, represents the vintage architectural charm of the late 19th century. Preserving the original beauty of the Old Tai O Police Station...
    • Souvenirs & Books
      Collectible souvenirs are designed for commemorating of the Opening of Tai O Heritage Hotel. All proceeds deducting cost of production will go to support heritage conservation of Tai O community.
    • Location & Map
      Location & Map
      The Tai O Heritage Hotel is located only 40 minutes away from Tung Chung MTR station, a short ride on bus 11 from Tung Chung Town Centre to Tai O.Alternately, catch the ferry from the Central Ferry Pier 6...
    • Travel information
      Travel information
      (Hong Kong)
      Useful and practical information about Hong Kong to help you plan ahead for your trip...