Preserving the Past, Building the Future

The Tai O Heritage Hotel, a colonial-style parlour, represents the vintage architectural charm of the late 19th century. Preserving the original beauty of the Old Tai O Police Station, the Tai O Heritage Hotel is well-appointed and classically furnished. Guests can experience an authentic taste of a historical heritage which is not commonly seen elsewhere.

Design & Construction

In its efforts to minimise the impact of renovation on the existing structure, the Tai O Heritage Hotel has spared no expense in restoring the original beauty of the Old Tai O Police Station.

Consisting primarily of three sections – a two-storey main building, a two-storey outhouse and a one-storey extension added in the 1960s – the Old Tai O Police Station is a characteristic example of colonial-style architecture.

In order to maintain its late 19th century character for the 21st century, every historical element and detail, such as the cannons, searchlight, corner turrets, dry-goods store and cells distinctive to the former police station, has been restored and refurbished in the Tai O Heritage Hotel. It is classically understated and elegant with a mix of colonial architectural elements such as a Chinese tiled roof, wooden casement windows, granite steps, French windows, and so forth. Additional details such as the arched façade, fireplaces, and connecting bridge between the main building and the outhouse all distinguish the Hotel's architectural style as belonging to the early 20th century.

As you explore the Hotel, its profound history unfolds page by page, every brick and tile telling of the splendour and charm of the Old Tai O Police Station.